Our Mission


At Praise Christian Fellowship we help each other live for Jesus. This means being disciples or followers of Jesus.

The most important thing we do at Praise is to make disciples. A disciple is one who receives Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, then obediently develops a healthy, loving, lifelong relationship with God and healthy, loving relationships with man according to God’s Word, the Holy Bible. A disciple is a growing Christian who is becoming more like Christ by being established in disciplines including study and application of God’s Word, solitude, prayer, fasting, worship, fellowship and witnessing.

We seek to be a church where people truly love one another and lives are transformed from brokenness to wholeness through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Children, youth, and adults are invited to seek God’s wisdom, to trust him to empower their lives, and to commit to living in loving obedience to His Word. Through intentional, integrated and supportive means all are encouraged to build a healthy, lifelong relationship with God and, as a result, healthy relationships with man as in unity we grow in Christ and make Him known.